Accounting Group Services

Do you provide these services at our place of business?
Accounting Group serves many clients both locally, regionally and nationally. We perform all the work at Accounting Group's offices in Redmond, WA. Our clients can email, fax, express delivery or phone us their accounting and tax record information and we respond promptly. Using web based and email reporting, we are able to provide the same quality of service as if we were next door. In addition our remotely accessible hosted accounting software allows for full integration with your staff for whatever your requirements are.

How much do your Accounting Services cost?
Our fixed cost depends on various factors, such as employees, transaction volume, affecting what the work load of your entire accounting support services require. Our fees will be estimated the best we can upfront, though may be adjusted up or down depending on our first quarter or years work.

Are there any additional fees for the Accounting Service?
No, with a fixed price agreement, you can call us any time with questions regarding your account with the knowledge that you will not be charging extra for, reasonable, additional requests.

How much do your Tax Services cost?
Federal, State, Individual and Small Business Income Tax Returns are charged on a return basis depending on how much time is necessary to complete the tax return. Our fees are typically about 20% less then large tax preparation shops such as H&R Block, and substantially less then a CPA. In addition you are getting a substantially more qualified individual with over 25 years of accounting and tax experience.

Do you no longer provide small business consulting services?
Those of you familar with our company are well aware we provided full onsite consulting, training and troubleshooting on an hourly basis to small businesses between 2004 and 2005 regarding your accounting software implementation. Due to the success of our complete outsourcing alternative we have decided to no longer take on new clients for this limited service. If you need help selecting and installing accounting systems we do recommend you contact Netmation Inc. For other accounting needs feel free to contact us with your requirements and, if possible, we will recommend services that would be best for your business needs.

Do you perform audits of financial statements?
No, we are strictly a tax and accounting service. For small businesses, we will work closely with auditors to minimize your costs.

Who is Accounting Group's owners?
Accounting Group is owned and managed by Albert and Michelle Franz. Michelle a former Controller, who has over twenty-five years of accounting experience in many different industries, including but not limited to, commercial and residential real estate, restaurants, construction, financial services, marketing, and a wide variety of small businesses. The personal and individual attention Albert and Michelle provides is superior to any mass market tax preparation company or budget tax software you may be considering.

How do we get started?
Just fill out the form on our web page so we can discuss your situation, and if necessary setup an appointment to meet in our Redmond, WA office or on the phone.

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of professional, efficient, and accurate accounting services. No matter how small or large your business you are of utmost importance. We don't succeed unless you succeed!

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